Reliable national network coverage

You can talk, text or use data in more places across Canada, at no extra charge! So, even when you need to get away, your connection will still be there when you need it.

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Our phone service accesses the Rogers network. Extended coverage is available to existing customers with a compatible device and with data roaming enabled (for access to data services). Intended for limited personal use. Certain services/features are not available or may have limited functionality.

Travelling outside the country?

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Most Asked Questions
Extended Coverage is meant to provide additional coverage to our customers in areas they sometimes travel to. It’s intended to be used occasionally and the majority of your monthly usage (talk, text and data) must occur on the Rogers network. If the majority of your monthly usage occurs within Extended Coverage areas, we may restrict or limit your access to Extended Coverage, on an ongoing basis.
Your device will always connect to the Rogers network if it’s available. Once you’re within an Extended Coverage area, the signal strength may vary and you may experience slower speeds for data. A few enhanced features may not be available, including:
  • Name Display
  • 411 Directory Assistance Call Completion
  • #s and short codes
If you’re on a call when you enter an Extended Coverage area, the call will drop. Once you see ‘ROGERS-EXT’ appear on your device screen, you can call back to complete your call.
If you’re on a call in an Extended Coverage area and you move to an area with overlapping coverage, the call will not drop. You will stay on Extended Coverage for the duration of the call.
Please note that Rogers and our roaming partners may, without notice, change networks or geographical coverage areas. Rogers is not liable for any loss suffered as a result of any disruptions or outages to Extended Coverage, or as a result of any changes to Extended Coverage areas.
There is no additional charge to use your device within an Extended Coverage area. So any talk, text or data you use in an Extended Coverage area is included as part of your current plan and will be billed in the same way as usage on the Rogers network.
Talk and text services will work right away once you enter an Extended Coverage area. To use the internet for email, maps and more, just check to make sure data roaming is turned on in your device settings.
You’ll receive a text message the first time you enter an Extended Coverage area, and if you use Extended Coverage regularly, we’ll remind you occasionally. On most devices, you’ll also see ‘EXT’ or a roaming indicator on your device screen, which means you’re using Extended Coverage.
Extended Coverage is available on all of our plans. You just need a compatible device (i.e. any HSPA, LTE or 3G device). Extended Coverage is meant to be used by customers who live within the Rogers network and happen to travel occasionally into Extended Coverage areas.