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With our Refer and Earn program, customers and anyone they successfully refer to Primus Wireless share a $100 credit towards their wireless service.
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How it works

Step 1:
A Primus Wireless customer refers someone by sharing their referral code.
Step 2:
With the referral code, the referred customer can easily take advantage of the Refer and Earn program when activating a new wireless service.
Step 3:
Both the existing and referred customer will earn a $50 credit towards their wireless service!
Referral credits shown are for existing wireless customers only and expire May 31, 2022 or while quantities last, and are subject to change without notice.
Most Asked Questions
What is happening?​

Wireless providers in the United States, including AT&T and T-Mobile, will begin permanently shutting down their 3G/HSPA networks starting February 2022 and continuing until July 1, 2022.​

Starting February 22, 2022 all major U.S. carriers will begin to shut down their 3G/HSPA wireless network service within the U.S. (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands). If you're still roaming in the U.S., starting after Feb 22, 2022, depending on the network service available in your area, you may not be able to reliably use wireless roaming services (including Emergency 9-1-1). Please note, there is no impact to your service while in Canada.​

The shutdown is expected to be complete by July 1, 2022 and you may not be able to continue to roam in the U.S. after that date. We are working on possible solutions for you to continue to roam in the U.S. after that date and will communicate any updates. ALL customers will no longer be able to make or receive wireless calls (including 911 calls), send or receive text messages or use cellular data while in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands).

Can I continue to use my wireless phone in the U.S.?

You may be able to use wireless roaming services depending on the network service availability in your roaming area up to July 1, 2022.

The U.S. 3G/HSPA network shutdowns beginning February 22, 2022 through July 1, 2022 affects all customers travelling to the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands).

What if I don’t plan on using my phone in the U.S? Do I need to do anything?​

If you’re certain that you won’t be using your device in the U.S., no action is needed.

Can I continue to use my wireless service in Canada and outside the U.S.?​

Absolutely. The U.S. 3G/HSPA network shutdowns will not impact wireless service in Canada or while travelling to non-U.S. destinations.​

Can I use Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) roaming calling in the U.S.? ​

Unfortunately, no. Wireless service is not VoLTE roaming capable on our network service. ​​

If I purchase or use a new device, will my wireless service work in the U.S.?​

Unfortunately, no.

Why am I paying for a roaming plan or add-on that I may no longer be able to use? ​

As you may be in and out of coverage areas until the U.S. 3G/HSPA network shutdown is complete, we are unable to identify where you will be able to reliably use wireless roaming services at this time. Following February 22, 2022 if your plan or add-on currently includes U.S. Roaming and you are unable to use it, contact us so we can help you find the best plan for your needs!​

The referral credit applies only to monthly services fees. Referral Credit is applied to the account balance and cannot be used to pay devices charges or cancellation fees. Only one referral credit can be applied per month.
The referral credit program is eligible for wireless new activations only with a 2-year term. The credit is not applicable with Bring Your Own Phone, Wireless Home Phone and Tablet plans.
The credit will be awarded as soon as your friend successfully signs up. To retain the credit the referrer and friend (referee) must be subscribed for at least 30 days; otherwise, the credit will be reversed.
To earn rewards for referrals, you need to be a customer of Primus Wireless, and to accept the program Terms & Conditions. To be eligible for the program, the referrer must have been an active customer with Primus Wireless for 30 days. To refer friends, the referrer must have their friend provide the referrer’s cell phone number or Referral code. To be eligible, the referee must: (1) Sign up for an account with Primus Wireless within 30 days of receiving the referral; and (2) activate a new Primus Wireless line with an eligible wireless plan and provide the referral code. Primus Wireless customers and any referees who have activated prior to having being referred are not eligible. Referrer cannot refer oneself.
A referrer may refer multiple referees, however, a maximum of one credit will be applied each month. Any additional credits will be applied in subsequent months up to a maximum of 6 referral credits within a calendar year (exclusive of taxes). The referrer’s account must remain active for at least 30 days after receiving the referral credit.